You can pick an add on. Currently we offer bells in several colors, concho's in two colors, pewter pendants in several designs, crosses in color choices, footballs, for your favorite football team!

(Your horse needs team spirit too!)








Only needed for placing special size orders!


Special orders are Always welcome!



Use this chart to pick your color name and number for more accurate ordering! See list of all cooresponding color names and numbers in the details section. Click on details to enlarge chart.



Glow-In-The-Dark necklaces! Yes, charge them under a lamp/light of any kind for a few minutes and they will hold the charge to go night riding with! They actually DO GLOW IN THE DARK so you can be seen while night riding! Multi-colored while for day riding but the light comes on at night after you charge them! Ride safely at night!!!


Price $15.00

Horse Size
Height/ Weight


Turquoise Starter

Price $15.00

Price $12.00

Horse Size
Height/ Weight
Starter Necklaces

Here's how it works. Build your own necklace! First pick your favorite color (match colors to your horse coloring or your saddle pad, boots or just your favorite color) and put it in the shopping cart. Then press the "continue shopping" button and order your add on and put in the shopping cart also .Continue shopping to build your necklace until done. You can wear it as a single necklace or you can double or triple up with multiple necklaces!


Starter Necklace

Price $15.00

Horse Size
Necklace Color Choice/ Number
Height/ Weight

NEW Email us with your favorite football team and we will make your team colors! You can pick one add on or you can pick, ex: 4 bells with a cross in the center. Necklaces will be made to order with the add on of your choice and mailed too you within 7 business days!

Necklaces are designed to "pop" off at 160lbs of pressure for the safety of your equine!

Necklaces and Hooflets clean easily with dawn dish detergent and a nail brush. Rinse well and dry flat, wiggle stiff hemp to loosen when dry.

100% money back guarantee.



You pick the color! Choose one, two, three or four hooflets! Hooflets are designed to break @ 160lbs of pressure so not to injure your equine. Hooflets, yes hooflets for your equine! 100% money back guarantee if not happy upon delivery. Bucky's Bling is not responsible for injury to your person or horse.

Price $3.99

Horse Size
Color Choice




Faux Leather EyeGlass Holders

Western Eye Glass Holders! Faux leather eyeglass holders in 4 colors! Choose from Black/Brown weave, Light Tan, Red or Black. $7.99 each or $6.99 for 6 or more! Don't loose your glasses again!




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Orders will be accepted via Email, fax, phone or through paypal. All purchases 100%
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Allow one week delivery. Custom orders welcome.

Bucky's Bling is not responsible for injury to horse or person.

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