How to Measure



Horses Height in Hands

While there is a "standard" pony, horse and draft size, I still like to tweak the size to your personal equine. Knowing the height and approximate weight helps me tweak the standard to hopefully fit your equine just perfectly! Necklaces can be made in shorter sizes to fit above breast collars too! 

How to measure your equine: With a tape measure, measure at an angle from just above the front shoulder downward around his/her neck to the center of the chest.





Special Occasions
How to Measure



Special Size in Inches

How to measure your equine! With a tape measure, measure the circumfrance from the top of your horses neck at an angle just above the shoulder and down to the center of his/her chest and back up to the other side of his/her neck. See picture.
Please list your special size in inches.

Special Size Orders are ALWAYS Welcome! Special sizes for your special equine!






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Bucky's Bling is not responsible for injury to horse or person.

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